A Treasure of Free Homemade Gold Prospecting Equipment Plans and Commentary: Homemade Dredge - DIY Mining Supplies for Gold Prospectors

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Homemade Dredge - DIY Mining Supplies for Gold Prospectors

What I like about this post of plans is that the author discusses ways to get an idea of how a dredge could be built. One way, and a way I have used, is to examine some of the best companies who make dredging equipment. Go to a mining/prospecting store and study the relationship between the major parts. Look at the dimensions. Get an idea in your mind how the machine works, in this case, a dredge. A tape measure can be of great help, and also, a paper and pencil. If the shop owner allows it, take some measurements. You are not trying to make anything to sell to others. You simply want to make one for your needs. I seriously doubt if there is much in any store that has not been imitated for personal use. Your 
parts will be fabricated from what you can get, not from what the manufacturer used.

Next, look at pictures and photographs of equipment. I have done this, also. All you need is information about one dimension and you are pretty well set for approximations of the other dimensions.

And finally, you could go to a club meeting or join a club. There are plenty of folks there that own their own equipment. There is nothing like seeing a prospector using a device that you want and asking to examine it. Don't be shy; club members like to share. I am in a club in Arizona (Apache Junction, Superstition Mountain Treasure Hunters) and everybody is willing to help and give advice. You develop a camaraderie because you share a common interest.

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