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Monday, May 03, 2021

Why Am I Not Able to Buy Gold at the Spot Price or Under?

The gold spot price is the prevailing price for an ounce of .999 fine gold that is deliverable right now. The spot price does not take into account dealer or distributor markups or markups by the minting or manufacturing company. Most dealer inventory is purchased directly from the mint; those products are priced at the spot price plus a markup for the mint or maker to turn a profit.

The dealer then also has to make a profit in order to stay in business. The dealer will take their purchase price, then markup the products further to cover dealer costs and a profit margin. This is why dealers will typically buy from individuals at or below the spot gold price and they will sell above the spot gold price. The spread between their buy and sell prices represents the dealer's gross profit.

Block chain may bring better prices for precious metals to the individual purchaser.

Saturday, May 01, 2021

It's A Joke - An Underage Drinker

 Why did the prospector get kicked out of the pub?


It's illegal to sell alcohol to miners

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Like Old Time Westerns? Here's A Story About 1869 Settlers in Southern Arizona


I just finished the second in a series of short fiction about 19th century Arizona. If you like, you can read it at https://letterpile.com/serializations/Apache-Land-Travels-and-Surprises

The first in the series is at https://letterpile.com/serializations/A-Tiny-Story-Romance-and-Savagery-in-19th-Century-Southwestern-Arizona

I hope you enjoy this serialization.


Saturday, April 17, 2021

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Largest Canadian Gold Mines - 2020

 Canadian Malartic, LaRonde, Detour Lake, Brucejack, Porcupine, Meliadine, Rainy River, Hemlo, Meadowbank, and Macassa - these are the top ten gold mines in Canada.


Just the facts:

Gold is Canada's most valuable mined mineral, with a production value of $10.3 billion in 2019

Ontario and Quebec together accounted for more than 75% of mined gold production in Canada in 2019

In 2019, the value of Canadian gold exports was $22.3 billion.

Canada is a large landmass with a rich mineral endowment. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians from across the country have used their knowledge, skills and entrepreneurship to build an industry that is among the world’s largest producers of minerals and metals. In 2016, some 200 mines and 7,000 quarries produced more than 60 minerals and metals worth $41 billion.

https://www.minescanada.ca/en/content/mining-canada-0  .

Thursday, April 08, 2021

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Quaddafi and His James Bond Style Gold-Plated Guns

 The following are just a few of the items in gold that Muammar Quaddafi collected:

A new version of the Browning M1911A1, also known as the Colt .45. It can be seen on closeup to read Browning Arms Company Morgan, Utah & Montreal P.Q. It also had a side view of the colonel's head.

Similarly recovered from his compound is a golden machine gun that looks like an AK-47.

Wired.com - https://www.wired.com/2007/10/best-war-booty/

The third example is a Makarov PMs. It is a standard weapon of the Russian army - a smaller sidearm.

The fourth golden gun is another Makarov PMs.

The fifth is another Browning automatic with a black handle.

Further, it was reported that when rebels found Quadafi, he was wearing gold pants.

For more details, see https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2011/10/qaddafis-love-affair-golden-guns/336506/

Saturday, March 06, 2021

Forest Fenn's Treasure Found

 The grandson of Forest Fenn announced on Monday, December 7, 2020 that his grandfather's famous treasure had been found. More than a decade ago, Fenn left a bronze chest buried somewhere in the outback of Wyoming - it contained about $2,000,000 worth of booty.

Fenn wrote a memoir of his life (including a spell as Air Force pilot and an art dealer) in 2010. His reason for self-publishing the tomb was because he was suffering from a kidney illness and did not expect to survive. He wanted other people to enjoy the experience of a quest. But survive he did.

 In the book, he described where he hid his treasure in a 24-line poem. He claimed that everything anyone needed to find it was stipulated in the poem. Fenn lived to know his treasure was found. 

On June 16,2020, Fenn released additional photos on the Thrill of the Chase (title of his memoir) blog site including himself examining the contents of the chest and one photo of it sitting in weathered condition implicitly on or near the site where it was found. Jack Stuef, a medical student from Michigan, revealed in December that he found Fenn's treasure chest and decided to disclose his identity by going public in an interview.

Forest Fenn passed on December 7, 2020. He became somewhat of a treasure hunt enthusiast after a diagnosis of cancer. His writings were fertile soil for the treasure finder in many people. But, there were positive and negative repercussions. 

People who had a chance to read his blog and book lauded him for the excitement he created and the subsequent pleasure of the adventure. Other people were not so sanguine. A number of folks who tried and failed claimed the search for treasure was a hoax. Some claimed they had found the treasure but that others had stolen "their" directions. At least 2 people sued him for various reasons - the first law suit was thrown out of court. The second remains to be adjudicated. 

At one point the New Mexico Police Chief begged Fenn to call off the hunt. He claimed it was not worth the tragedies and the rescue expenses that it incurred. But Fenn had said that the treasure was buried in a place that was not dangerous. 

After considering requests to end the hunt, he decided not to. Encouraging people to the outdoors was more important to him. Besides, he looked at the 9 deaths occurring at the Grand Canyon every year and nobody called to close the park. He had calculated the risk and decided that there was no reason to spoil the majority's fun.

The treasure consisted of a bronze chest filled with gold, emeralds, diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Finn indicated in interviews that the gold was mainly eagles and indicated that there were silver ones in the box, too. 

References: https://www.outsideonline.com/2419429/forrest-fenn-treasure-jack-stuef



Thursday, March 04, 2021

Pancho Villa's Reported Treasure Map in Douglas, Arizona?

 The second battle of Agua Prieta, Mexico during the Mexican Revolution took place at the border with Douglas, Arizona in the autumn of 1915. Villa was defeated by Mexican federal troops and his power faded.

Trying to bring back his glory days, he attacked Columbus, New Mexico in 1917. This effort was a result of him feeling betrayed by the United States and his desire for resupplying his followers with weapons and ammunition found at the Army fort there. He wound up being chased by General John J. Pershing and never regained his role as a revolutionary leader.

But the legend of Pancho Villa continued in corridos and Mexican popular lore. There were also paranormal tales! 

Pancho Villa was assassinated in 1923 at the age of 45. He was buried in the municipal cemetery in the town of Parral, in Chihuahua, Mexico

On February 6, 1926, his coffin was uncovered and his head removed. This desecration led to a tale in Douglas, Arizona. The tale revolves around the circumstances after Villa's head was removed. According to the Arizona tale, Pancho Villa had a map tattooed on his head of a buried treasure. At about the time of his cranial removal, the Gadsen hotel in Douglas, Arizona had burned to the ground. It is reported that his loyal followers carried his head to the site of the burnt hotel and buried it in the ashes. 

Supposedly the 1929 rebuilt Gadsen Hotel foundation is sitting atop Pancho Villas head. Through the years, hotel workers and guests have reported ghostly sightings of the headless spirit.  A number of people have seen a tall, headless ghost roaming the basement and halls of the historical Gadsden Hotel in downtown Douglas.

Reference: https://www.azcentral.com/story/travel/local/history/2015/08/13/arizona-military-history-pancho-villa/31470829/

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Family Gold Prospecting Vacations in Nevada and Arizona

 The Las Vegas RV Resort advertises gold panning areas in Clark County, Nevada and Mojave County, Arizona.

The shortest distance from Las Vegas to a town in Arizona with a gold bearing history is about 72 miles to Whitehills, Arizona. It is a gold mining area located about 35 miles North of Mineral Park in the southern portion of the White Hills, northern portion of Mohave County. The mineralization is contained in large, gold-bearing quartz dikes. Whether the area is accessible to the amateur prospector is not clear. See https://www.mindat.org/loc-31140.html

Near the historic mining town of Nelson, about 44 miles southeast of Las Vegas on U.S. Highway 95, placer gold can be found. The El Dorado district in the Opal Mountains has produced gold since the mid-1850s in lode and placer deposits.

In addition, small amounts of placer gold have been found in and around the El Dorado Canyon. Placer gold has also been discovered in bars south of El Dorado Canyon along the Colorado River. 

On the northern side of Lake Mead is The Gold Butte mining district northeast of Las Vegas on Interstate 15. Most of the gold here is found either north of Lake Mead or south of the Virgin Mountains.

Other popular areas are the Gold Basin and Lost Basin placers as well as east in Mohave County, Arizona. This is the second largest gold producing county in Arizona and bears better gold ground than Clark County.

When I prospect near Prescott, Arizona, I always spend the night at my favorite motels in town. It makes for a very nice vacation. And you might find the same experience in Nevada.

For info about Las Vegas RV Resort, here's a link. https://www.lasvegasrvresort.com/