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Thursday, September 08, 2016

A History of Gold Mining in Arizona

The United States purchased from Mexico in 1848 and 1853 areas of what is currently known as Arizona. This is when appreciable efforts to mine where made. Spanish and Mexican miners had minded for silver.Placer gold was brought to  churches by Indian who had converted.  These contributions to the church were from dry gravels and sands in selected areas of the Arizona desert.

The areas after 1853 that were accessible to miners where in Tucson and Tubac in the southern part of Arizona. when the civil war began circa 1861, it was no longer safe to mine. Add in the threat from Apache raids and mining was halted until post civil war.

See http://www.westernmininghistory.com/articles/37945/page1

Monday, July 04, 2016

Bull and Gold Bullion Are Not the Same

A friend exclaimed, "There’s a lot of gold in those hills." I fired back, "That’s a lot of bullion."
If it was, I'd take it.

Saturday, July 02, 2016

A Gold Joke Worthy of the Periodic Table

A gold bar walks into a bar, and silver turns around and says, ”AU, get outta here!”

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

An Old Gold Joke

Gold Split
On the Hungarian-Soviet border, Hungarian and Soviet border guards find a huge piece of gold sticking out of the ground.
After arguing, on who should be the rightful owner, a Soviet border guard shouts: "I know komrads! Let's split it like brothers!"
Because Hungarians know well what the Soviet term "like brothers" means, a Hungarian border guard replies: "Oh, no, no! Not "like brothers", let's split it half-half!"

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Over Thousands of Years, Nothing has Changed

Metal Detecting Gold in U.K.

You really need to check out this site. These metal detector enthusiasts explore the south of England. You won't believe what they have unearthed. They have a slide show of finds at the beginning. The finds are amazing. http://www.metaldetectives.co.uk/ See the gold coin hoard. Also, https://twitter.com/DetectingDigsUK/media for photos and media. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Prospector with Peg Legs Gets A Surprise - JOKE

"The Peg-Legged Prospector" joke

During the gold rush in the Yukon, there was a bar called "Stake Your Claim" that served many of the gold prospectors. One night an elderly peg-legged prospector came into the bar and ordered a beer. The bartender said, "Never seen you in here before, are you new in these parts?" The peg-legged man replied, "Yep, just came up here from Californee once the gold panning ran dry there."
After the bartender served the guy about his 6th beer, the peg-legged prospector asked the bartender where the bathroom was. The bartender explained that the bathroom was an outhouse at the top of a little hill, just behind the building. The bartender said, "You'll have to climb up the hill for about a hundred feet, and the hill is really icy from all he snow we've been having. I'd better give you a hand getting up the hill, because you'll never make it with those peg-legs." The prospector said, "I've been walking with these peg legs for 50 years, I can make it up any hill, no matter how icy it is."
About an hour later, the bartender noticed that the peg-legged prospector still hadn't come back to the bar from the outhouse. He saw several other customers coming back into the bar from the outhouse and asked them if they had seen the guy with the peg-legs. They said they hadn't. So, the bartender started walking up the hill to look for him.
Eventually, he saw two pegs sticking out of a snowbank on the side of the hill. He grabbed them and pulled the nearly frozen stiff old prospector out of the snowbank. The bartender then said, "You stubborn old geezer, I told you I'd help you get up the hill!"
The peg-legged prospector replied, "I got up the hill just fine and was sitting down on the outhouse toilet, when all of a sudden some guy burst through the door and screamed, 'Hey, who put this wheelbarrow in here?' and threw me over the side of the hill!"

source: http://www.jokebuddha.com/joke/The_Peg-Legged_Prospector#ixzz4BQKEfqXD

Texans Finding Gold in Texas

Find gold in Texas. The link I am featuring is a page of links for gold prospecting. I have also included a photo that caught my eye. It is a photo of a .9 gram nugget panned. The photos at this site are great.