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Sunday, January 01, 2017

Arizona Geological Survey Gold Information for Download

Publications for Download

Gold Placers and Placering in Arizona, reprinted 1981, E.D. Wilson. (Bull 168)

Arizona Lode Gold Mines and Gold Mining, revised 1967, E.D. Wilson, J.B. Cunningham and G.M. Butler (Bull 137)

Gold: Properties, Use, & Market Conditions, 1969, R.T. Moore (Bull 180)

Exploration and Development of Small Mines, 1954, H.E. Krumlauf (Bull 164); Outdated but historical treatment of small mine development.

One Hundred Arizona Minerals, 1955, R.T. Moore (Bull 165)

Gold and Copper Deposits near Payson, Arizona, 1925, C. Lausen, E.D. Wilson, (Bull 120)

The Copperstone Mine: Arizona’s New Gold Producer, 1988, J.E. Spencer and J.T. Duncan (AZGS Fieldnotes, v. 18, #2)

USGS Finds Gold in the Silver Bell Mountains, 1988, J.E. Spencer and D.A. Sawyer (AZGS Fieldnotes, v. 18, #4)

Minerals and Metals of Increasing Interest: Rare and Radioactive Minerals, 1953, R.T . Moore (Bull 163)

Pegmatite deposits of the White Picacho District, Maricopa and Yavapai Counties, Arizona, 1952, R.H. Jahns (Bull 162)

Geology and Ore Deposits of the Oatman and Katherine Districts Arizona

Geologic Map of the Oatman District, Mohave County, Arizona
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