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Friday, July 04, 2014

"Lodes" of Information About Gold Prospecting and Identifying Gold Ore

Here is a blog with outstanding information on gold prospecting. The author of this blog has great experience in identifying gold ore and concentrating on where to find gold. His orientation is toward educating about the fastest way to find it.
The photographs are just outstanding.  He also lists about 50 of his favorite spots for gold prospecting if he could buy properties.
Another thing I like about this blog is the description of iron stained ore (gossan) which is something we see a lot of in Arizona (well, that is relative). If you see this type of ore - gossan, quartz, schist with quartz)- look around. I have seen a number of abandoned gold mines in Arizona with this kind of rock formation.
In addition, the blog goes into a description of geology of dipping veins. There is also scholarly information about ore shoots.
And something new for me,  he indicates that a massive pyrite deposit smells like garlic! I think this is an absolute must read.
                                      Nuggets from the Star of Hope Mine, Australia
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