A Treasure of Free Homemade Gold Prospecting Equipment Plans and Commentary: How to Make a Periscope for Sniping Gold Nuggets

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How to Make a Periscope for Sniping Gold Nuggets

Talk about a website with a lot of great information about gold prospecting! I found this site and couldn't believe the info about the history of gold. But then it went on to discuss other aspects of prospecting for the shiny yellow metal. Then the site goes into alluvial gold prospecting, like what I do and many other recreational prospectors do. This is the search for placer gold. Then there is an introduction to prospecting. This section gives the basics of how placer gold is distributed and what you can expect. Next is a section on where to find gold. And then there is a section on the right tools to for the job. You also have a review and a panning procedure section. Then, there are suggestions from folks all over the USA about equipment and how to make it.
Toward the end (and you might want to skip to this section first) is a discussion of how to make a periscope for sniping gold nuggets. Six instructions and you have a periscope. You have to see this website. It is truly a detailed production.
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