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Sunday, April 07, 2013

An Idea for a Simple, Inexpensive or Free, DIY Gold Pan

I was out the other day trying to find a hubcap that would fit an old Impala. I wasn't concerned with an exact match, just something that would cover the hub. But, as is common, I thought of something else.
Have you ever seen a moon type 40's and 50's type hubcap? There are millions out there and some of them you may have in the corner of your garage or tossed in a box where all those old parts go that you can't bear to throw away.
I bought one for $3, but you might have one, and then it's free.

There is a lip that helps hold back heavy material, and the diameter is pretty good for panning. If the bottom (show side of the hubcap) is rounded like a bowl, that works well. If it is flat you can still work it, but I think the dome shaped one will hold more material. I tried using it for a gold pan and it worked well. Now I am going to get another one so I have a spare and going to put it in my truck chest. Besides, it's a great conversation piece!

I am putting a URL in here just as an example of what you can buy for $5. In this case, it is bigger than any plastic model at a mining store, though it has no riffles. On the other hand, a small concentrate cleaning pan can run $4. It is up to you - I get nothing from listing the URL. I like to have the riffles, but this does work.


I Googled hubcaps and found some as low as $3.
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