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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Miner Reb Reminded Me - You be Reminded Too

Sometimes it helps to share a few things you have learned about prospecting. I recall a time when I went out in the boonies with my wife to look for placer flake. It was a hot day, but not that terrible summer heat of Arizona. I would say it was spring time, perhaps March. All I could think of was getting out and hunting for the yellow stuff. Unfortunately, on that day I wasn't thinking of safety, and I think we always need to keep that in the back of our minds. One of our claims is near Hayden, Arizona - a hilly area and very beautiful. It's so simple, but when you go down a good sized hill, remember that you have to climb back up it! If you do not pay attention to your stamina and energy reserve, it can be quite a trek back up. My wife had been working pretty hard and having a really good time - we both forgot about the hill. My truck was at the top and there was no shortcut to get to it. I walked up with her taking frequent rest stops. We had plenty of water, and I doused her head with it to cool her off. Had I had the sense to knock off an hour earlier, the journey up the hill would not have been so hard for her. Such a simple thing!

I found a site with some really good information and suggestions from a longtime prospector. You'll enjoy this site.

Author: Mike Beaureqard
Originally found on Flickr
Used by permission on Wikipedia

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