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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Good Stuff to Have - Whisk Broom

I ran across and website that has a lot of good information about what you should have if you want to start prospecting. It's "getting started" information.
Among the things recommended (worth reading) was a whisk broom. Now I have carried a whisk broom in my backpack since the beginning. If you don't have a vacuum hook up yet, that's ok. Crack rock along fissures and whisk out the material that has accumulated inside. Gold is heavy and sinks - rock that forms natural riffles is a great place to start, too. I have found placer gold by separating rock on its top surface and it's low side surface. I use a dust pan to collect the material. It is harder to do than using a DC vacuum setup, but it works - you also get rid of a lot of dust that way. Oh, wear a mask.
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