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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Dry Washing in the Desert

This is an article describing the parts and advantages of a dry washer. I wrote the article based on my experience. The photos are of a dry washer that is really too heavy to use in rough areas. But if you have a claim not far from a road, or the terrain is fairly flat, you could wheel it. Otherwise, you probably will want to leave it at your camp or bring a lighter one. I take concentrate home and use it, and use it at the claims that I have access to that are easy to get into. My light dry washer and medium sized one are the ones I take good distances from my parking area. You learn what the best way is to process as far as time management. One claim I have access to requires me to go down a big gorge - needless to say, the big lumber job I have isn't going to make it. So, I either bring buckets of material up to the big one (not often), or dry wash with my smaller unit at the bottom and bring the concentrate up. Hope this helps.
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