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Monday, November 26, 2012

Free Gold Panning

One of the reasons people join gold prospecting clubs is probably because of the greatest problem all modern day prospectors have.  That's finding a place to go! Let's face it, in order to be sure land isn't claimed, owned by the state, at least in Arizona, private property, etc, it's difficult find. Sure, you can go to the Bureau of Land Management and search through maps, confirm with personnel there and record GPS coordinates, but for many of us, the club is the answer. Even if you do find a place owned and allowing prospecting it can cost a lot of money. There is nothing wrong with paying for a day's freedom gold prospecting, but the question is, what if you don't want to.
Most clubs charge yearly fees. My club is very reasonable and charges $75. We have a number of claims that produce placer gold. Most clubs charge in excess of $100, usually directly correlated with the number of claims they own and must pay on yearly. Still, you can prospect 365 days a year if you are a member of a club.
One thing you don't see so often is land not claimed, owned by the government, and free to pan. I have written an article about a trip my wife and I took to such a place. And a beautiful place it is.

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