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Monday, November 26, 2012

Here's another set of free rocker box plans. My goal is to allow folks to easily look through a number of ideas and pick the plans they like the best.
This particular plan comes as a pdf. Bill Westcott has the rights to this so don't try to sell the plans.As he points out, a rocker with a classifying screen on top of a rectangular box and carpeting between riffles is a favorite in the west. I prospect in Arizona and this is the type I have actually seen up close in use. My homemade box made of scrap too has that same shape. It is one of the smaller photos on the right.

This site explains why the rocker box was used and how it functioned. There is some commentary on retail rocker boxes. This commentary is interesting and about 1000 words. You can clearly see the rocker handle. The actual plans for the rocker box are vertical; that makes things a little difficult since you have to turn your head sideways to understand dimensioning - however, that is a tiny issue. Print the plans out. I think this is a very good design. It comes from a 1934 U.S. Bureau of Mines information circular.
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